Hello, this is Ann

Enthusiastic team member. Hands-on leader. Passionate product designer. It’s hard to believe this is my 10th year shipping software. Can’t wait for the next ten. 😁 


Recent work



Side project • 2019

An app that allows users to create negotiation charts. Conducted as a side project during my sabbatical.



Side project • 2019

An aphasia-friendly scheduler I made during my brother’s 35 day hospital stay.

Case study coming soon…

Google Food Ordering


Interaction Designer • 2018 - 2019

Worked on the Search and Assistant team creating experiences for the food ordering vertical.


5 hour design challenge

Design Challenge • 2018

This was a design challenge to make a travel app in under five hours.

UpGuard CyberRisk

UpGuard CyberRisk

Lead Product Designer • 2016 - 2018

A web application that helps businesses prevent data breaches through improved visibility of external-facing assets.

Meme your photos

Meme Your Photos

Side project • 2018

An iPhone app where you can make your photos into memes.



UX/UI Designer • 2015-2016

How we launched a complete redesign and rebuild of the Malwarebytes marketing website.

Things I live by

Collaboration is the key to success

Keep it simple


Good products act like good people

Ask why

Pet the dog 🐾