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Things I live by

Design is a collaborative process. 

Anticipate user needs.

Focus on outcomes.



Case studies

UpGuard CyberRisk.png

UpGuard CyberRisk

An honest case study about how I designed UpGuard CyberRisk.

Artboard 3 Copy 14.png

UpGuard Design System

How I created the UpGuard Design System and a *tiny* bit about what was in it.



A well-rounded case study about how I re-designed the Malwarebytes website.

travel us mocks

Five Hour Design Challenge - Travel Us

A fun design challenge for a job app.



Ann is a great designer with a great eye to usability and the overall experience, she has worked with multiple development teams, across multiple continents. She has experience coordinating multiple teams into a successful delivery; she also accepts and gives criticism well, and is always open to new ideas while still keeping what is best for the design in mind.

- Daniel Miller, Software Engineer at Dokkio


Beyond being a talented designer whose work speaks for itself, Ann is a highly organized and dedicated manager. She always has the back of her team members and actively seeks ways to help us grow and learn. She also avidly seeks this for herself. Most importantly, though, Ann is the most driven person I know. Her passionate, honest, and unflinching pursuit of excellence in all things inspires the people around her to seek the same.

- Chris Gaffey, Visual Designer at Health IQ