Interaction Designer: Google

September 2018 - March 2019

Worked on the Search and Assistant team to create food ordering experiences for users looking for restaurants via Google Search.

The link above takes you to a restaurant to give you an example of the food ordering “core experience” that started with searching “Cucina Venti” on Google.

I had to leave in March due to a family emergency.


Product Design Lead: UpGuard

(September 2016 - June 2018) - Full-time permanent

Came in as the first and only product designer and grew the team to five while being 100% hands on (later laid the entire team off).

Created and executed a UX vision and strategy.

Pioneering a user research and testing program in order to understand and anticipate user needs.

Created a design system of intuitive interactions ensuring a consistent experience across the suite.

Created user flows, wireframes, prototypes, animations, and mockups for multi-user product suite.

Speced more complicated components and interactions that couldn’t be fully captured by a prototype.

Collaborated across timezones (with Australia mostly).

Created and oversaw the evolution of the UpGuard visual identity.

Collaborated with all departments in order to optimize end-to-end customer experience.

Executed corrective redlining.

Cultivated a design culture including a six week Design Symposium course for marketers and sales people.


UI/UX Designer: Malwarebytes 

(Sep 2015 - Sep 2016) - Full-time permanent

Lead and completed a full website rebuild and redesign increasing conversion rate by 202%.

Won the American In-house Design Award for web design.

Assisted in development of visual identity and brand.

Created user flows, wireframes, usability studies, and mocks for account management portal.

Created wireframes and mocks for Malwarebytes Technician Toolset.


UX/UI Designer: Aarki Inc.

(Feb 2015 - Sep 2015) - Full-time permanent

Designed multivariate creation and serving system for digital ads,

Designed an anchor-based layout tool so designers using Aarki can make responsive ads,

Designed an interface for Aarki's DSP/RTB Media Buying module.


UX/UI Designer: Concordus Applications

(Aug 2014- Nov 2014) - Full-time permanent

Designed interactions and user flows based on industry research and best practice fundamentals.

Created high fidelity mock-ups for their integration software.

Led user tests.


UX/UI Freelance

(Jun 2011 - Jan 2014)

Managed product design, branding, website design, and ad design for several individuals and startups:

  • MeLikeBars - paleo food bar company

  • HealthType - mobile app

  • Shinobi Labs - mobile app

  • Active Theory - mobile app

  • Sebastian Q - curated fashion blog


Product Design Lead: Social Apps Lab at CITRIS

(Mar 2010 - Jun 2011)

User-centric, end-to-end design of:

  • PokerWalk - Android app

  • Tic-Toc-Tiles - iPad app

  • CitySandbox - web app

Presented at the Games for Health Conference 2011.

Presented at the Museum of Games in Switzerland 2011.



University of California, Berkeley

B.A. Art Practice

3.85 GPA

Honors in the major

Special Recognition for work in New Media